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Postgresql Public Schema Docker Init

I am working on a postgresql database for a strapi CMS

I’ve taken over the project and when I try and start it I see this error.

create table "public"."strapi_migrations" 
    ("id" serial primary key,
     "name" varchar(255),
      "time" timestamp) 

- permission denied for schema public
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Names vs Security

Since LastPass’ most recent security issues (do use a password manager but not LastPass) I’ve seen a lot of people online changing all their passwords and realising how bad the experience is.

For those of us with names which can be spelled in the limited ASCII alphabet the pain point is the password part - where the rules can be annoying but in the end we can work around them.

Today I saw a post Hello my name is St�phanie which highlights how there is a bigger problem for many people.

It all got me thinking : why do we (developers) do this ?

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Sql vs Firestore First Impressions

I’ve been working with SQL databases for over 20 years but this year was my first time using a NoSQL database.

Previous conversations with developers often went along the lines of them trying to tell me NoSQL is “better” and me not quite seeing a benefit. At the time I never really had a reason to try something different - what I had worked and was low risk.

Recently I had cause to adopt Google’s Firebase hosting and Cloud Firestore database and this is what I learned.

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