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Yarn, Vscode, and Typescript

The JavaScript ecosystem is a sea of choices and it seems to be all too easy to make an incompatible selection.

In my case I am using the Yarn package manager, the VSCode editor and TypeScript flavoured JS (I don’t think it really counts as a different language)

Every import statement was triggering an error in VScode

Cannot find module ’’ or its corresponding type declarations

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Next.js Environment Variables

I’m running Next.js apps in production using Kubernetes - and I’ve inherited some setup that I didn’t fully understand so I’ve been investigating what is going on with environment variables.

My inherited system used a build per environment and bakes in configuration at that point.

I dislike this because …

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Hugo and Webpack

Hugo - The world’s fastest framework for building websites is pretty awesome. It’s what I use to manage this site.

But much of the web development world has moved in the direction of JavaScript, npm, and Webpack.

So how can you run a Hugo website and manage the embedded JavaScript and CSS that are most commonly managed with npm and Webpack?

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Install Reactjs

I’ve been writing software for long enough to know that it pays to be careful at the start. You don’t always know when you’ll be supporting a project long term and may need to upgrade versions of your framework and related tools.

These are my notes of starting to use React with an eye to long term support.

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