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Docker, Firewalls, and Minikube

I’ve had a few problems with docker and firewalls and seem to get a “good enough” solution only to run into trouble again later having forgotten what I’ve done so far.

This is an attempt to make some notes and at least capture where I am up to.


  • Disable dockers Iptables
  • Add some firewalld rules
  • Watch out if the Docker interface changes


Docker Exposes Ports on the Public Interface

The starting point for me was realising that when I run a service on Docker and expose that so that I can (for example) test teh website I am developing - that port is exposed on my public network and not just on localhost.

When I’m working on a site it may well be insecure and confidential - I don’t want it exposed to whatever is on the same network as me.

Docker manipulates IPtables


It looks like things may have improved since I started working on this - and maybe I just need to upgrade Docker

Manual Firewall Rules can break Networking for Docker


I followed this guide to get Docker working with firewall rules in place.

The key steps were

Disable iptables for docker


"iptables": false

### Add Masquerading to the zone which leads out to the Internet, typically public 

Masquerading allows for docker ingress and egress (this is the juicy bit)

firewall-cmd –zone=public –add-masquerade –permanent

Reload firewall to apply permanent rules

firewall-cmd –reload

### add docker interface to the trusted zone

in order to enable docker containers accessing host ports 

Assumes docker interface is docker0

firewall-cmd –permanent –zone=trusted –add-interface=docker0 firewall-cmd –reload systemctl restart docker

### enable outgoing internet access for containers

Assumes network interface with your public IP is eth0

firewall-cmd –permanent –zone=public –add-interface=eth0 firewall-cmd –reload

## Minikube Seems to Change the Docker Network Interface

Additionally inter-container communication broken when I started minikube - I wasnt sure why at first and thought maybe DNS or docker networking had changed.

Looking at syslog I could see the firewall was blocking connections and they were all from a specific network interface 

This allowed these connections to work 

firewall-cmd –zone=trusted –add-interface=br-f4c7e0015bef

I don't fully understand what happened here - and it seems good enough for now.

No doubt this will break again but right now I need to work on something else.