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Laravel Docker Code Coverage

How to get code coverage reports from PHPUnit to Sonarqube

I started already having an environment using docker-compose but without xdebug the unit tests couldn’t generate coverage reports.


Add these lines in the build section of the Dockerfile

## Install xdebug
RUN pecl install xdebug  \
       && docker-php-ext-enable  xdebug

Rebuild the docker container and restart services

docker-compose build
docker-compose restart

Check Xdebug is enabled

docker-compose exec your_project_name  php -i

You should see a bunch of Xdebug info

Configure PHPUnit

I added these lines to my phpunit.xml file

This puts the reports in a folder phpunit_reports

It generates both the machine readable file for Sonarqube and also human readable html and text formats.

 <coverage processUncoveredFiles="true">
            <directory suffix=".php">./app</directory>
        <html outputDirectory="phpunit_reports/html-coverage" lowUpperBound="50" highLowerBound="90"/>
        <clover outputFile="phpunit_reports/coverage.xml" />
        <testdoxHtml outputFile="phpunit_reports/testdox.html"/>
        <testdoxText outputFile="phpunit_reports/testdox.txt"/>
        <junit outputFile="phpunit_reports/junit.xml"/>
        <text outputFile="phpunit_reports/logfile.txt"/>

Git Ignore

Make sure generated files don’t get committed

Add these lines to .gitignore


Run the Tests

docker-compose exec your_project_name php -dxdebug.mode=coverage ./vendor/bin/phpunit


create a sonar-project.properties file like


I’m running the tests on docker but sonar_scanner locally and as a result I need to edit the report so that sonar find the paths as they are locally. You could run sonar-scanner on teh container instead.

sed -i 's|/var/www|.|' phpunit_reports/coverage.xml 
sonar-scanner -Dsonar.host.url=http://localhost:9000   -Dsonar.login=***yoursonarkey***

Shortly after the coverage reports show up in my local Sonarqube instance.

The process is fairly similar for running in a CI pipeline.